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The (R)evolution in swimming pool construction

Extensive experience, proven materials and the latest technologies: BEKAPOOL certainly delivers what it promises.

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: A highly durable and verifiably waterproof plastic lining material is permanently mechanically attached directly to the statical building material, concrete. The result is a composite material system whose benefits are exactly those sought after in the swimming pool construction industry.

While the concrete fulfils the structural requirements, an 8 mm thick plastic lining ensures durability and impermeability with respect to water - reliably testable even before the pool is filled with water. BEKAPOOL has been setting standards in design and functionality for contemporary pool construction for years.

Bernd Peters Lundenbergsand Simonsberg - Steuler Pool Linings

"Our Superior-Hotel with its wellness oasis promises deceleration on a North Sea beach.

Our BEKAPOOL was erected in a very short time, of just a few weeks, and without any significant inconvenience to our guests. I was very impressed by how punctually and smoothly everything went, and that we were able to use our new outdoor pool so quickly."

Bernd Peters
Owner LUNDENBERGSAND Nordsee Hideaway & Spa, Simonsberg


Developed by Steuler Pool Linings, this composite material is an innovative, comprehensive modular construction concept for swimming pools. Specific precast concrete sections are fully prefabricated with an integrated plastic lining for each project, transported to the building site and installed in just a short space of time. The prefabricated sections already make allowance for pool equipment and fixtures, such as inlets and overflows, detailing elements and integrated components, which then just need to be connected up on site. Prefabricated wall and floor elements, precise levelling of overflow channels and coping, defined tolerances for all elements and fixtures – we know how to build pools. BEKAPOOL is a modular concept developed by Steuler Pool Linings that can be individually customised to suit the specific requirements of every swimming pool thanks to a comprehensive range of detail options.


By choosing BEKAPOOL, you benefit from a well-thought-out, reliable system solution for your concrete pool that starts paying for itself from day one. Our use of proven materials, the high degree of prefabrication and predictable on-site installation means savings of up to 25% compared to traditional construction methods. But that's not all: ongoing maintenance costs are also significantly lower than for conventional concrete pools – especially outdoor swimming pools.

25% saving

compared to traditional lining systems

Modular concept

for high-quality prefabrication

Dual system

for new constructions and renovation projects

Impressive building concept. Field proven and durable.

Prefabrication to tight tolerances of the concrete sections including all design details

Fast and predictable on-site installation


Frost-proof, UV stable, available in a variety of colours with a surface texture that is pleasantly warm to the touch

Provision already made for the fittings in the pool shell

Physiologically innocuous, anti-adhesive, easy to clean, highly resistant to chlorine compounds


Jointless pool lining from a single material that is permanently mechanically anchored to the concrete substructure

BEKAPOOL. Bespoke all-in-one package

We work with you to design a swimming pool that precisely matches your expectations, promises a pleasurable bathing experience and is one-of-a-kind. Personally and individually planned and precisely tailored to your requirements. We combine materials, engineering and installation services to create a comprehensive all-inclusive package for each project.

Always tailored to requirements, goal oriented and sustainable. Supporting you personally from the initial concept to the opening of your new pool is our number one priority. We provide property developers, architects and planners with all services under one roof:

  • Planning
  • Consultation
  • Structural analysis
  • Plumbing system design
  • On-site installation

Your designated contact for all project-related matters will ensure that your project is executed in the most efficient and reliable manner. The specialists at Steuler Pool Linings draw on the wealth of experience and expertise of a specialist team to provide state-of-the-art support at all stages of the project. Technically proficient in all disciplines and always there for you. We know how to build swimming pools.

Experience in fast motion the construction of a BEKAPOOL in the Welcome Hotel Bad Arolsen (Germany)

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Patrick Riedel
Project manager