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Pool construction of the highest quality


For customers with exacting standards when it comes to design and reliability - whether for a hotel spa, private wellness temple with sauna, thermal baths or sports facility.

Swimming pool waterproofing systems from Steuler Pool Linings deliver what they promise. Always individually designed exactly in accordance with our customers' wishes, visually appealing and totally watertight for years to come.

Creative ideas are what determine the attractiveness of a bathing complex. The more ambitious the construction concept of the pool, the more important it is to incorporate a reliable waterproofing system into the design from the outset. It shouldn't limit the creativity of the design and yet be as watertight after many years in service as on day one.

Fascinating surfaces, stimulating colours, exciting contrasts, harmonious forms, natural stones refinements – with Steuler Pool Linings as your experienced partner, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

We take your vision and turn it into a concrete plan and ensure that it is executed smoothly – up to the first time someone takes a plunge in your new pool.

  • 900 pools
  • 300,000 m² pool surface area
  • 23 countries
  • 50 installation technicians
  • 45 years of experience

The experts at Steuler Pool Linings take your personal vision of shape, design, colour scheme and features and realise it in the form of a pool that harmonises perfectly with the style of your facility.

Supporting you at every stage of the project

Steuler Pool Linings' experienced team provides you with all services under one roof:

From the planning, consultation and visualisation to structural analysis and water circulation system design and finally project management and execution. We support you and your project partners with face-to-face consultations, provide invaluable assistance in realising creative ideas, specify the materials' selection and waterproofing details with you and professionally oversee your project – up to final installation by our experienced technicians. Decades of experience and hundreds of completed pool projects make us the leading waterproofing experts in the pool construction industry – with precisely tuned materials’ systems, innovative technologies and the requisite expertise in all pool-specific disciplines.

Steuler Pool Linings – The culture of swimming pools.

Sustainability in the Pool Construction Industry

We stand by our philosophy: constructive ideas, tried-and-tested materials and comprehensive advice down to the smallest of details demonstrate that Steuler Pool Linings thinks that all-important step ahead.

Building materials, prefabricated elements and technical solutions are never evaluated in isolation, but always in the context of your pool and selected for compatibility on a case-by-case basis. The service life of the various materials used is a key factor in minimising the replacement frequency and the cost involved in performing avoidable renovation work. Another important aspect: the use of technologies and building materials intended to keep the cost of servicing, cleaning, care and maintenance to a minimum. In doing so, the right system pays for itself each and every day.

The building materials used should be recyclable and made from readily available raw materials. Not only must potential environmental impacts during manufacture and use be taken into account, but those that may result after the pool has been in service for a long time or during demolition as well. When developing our projects, we place great importance on coming up with a material-friendly design and a well-thought-out overall concept that takes all of the relevant activities and factors into consideration. We see ourselves as partners of our clients and facility operators, and provide ongoing support throughout the long and safe service life of our pools.

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