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Linings for swimming pools, water channels and leisure pool slide

Give free rein to your creativity when planning your water park.

It doesn't matter what geometric shape or colour your slide or pool will have: Our AlphaLine Pool Lining turns bare concrete into an exciting bathing experience. We coat water channels in exacting detail and make them permanently waterproof. Durable, and with a pleasant surface in the colour of your choice. And whatever makes your slide eye catching will most certainly do the same to your pool.  Let the splash-tastic fun begin!


The pool lining with a myriad of creative possibilities

From the preparation of the substrate to the finished surface, AlphaLine is characterised by its sequence of carefully coordinated layers. The well-thought-out workflows and material combinations result in durably waterproof surfaces that feel surprisingly pleasant in water. 

AlphaLine offers customers, planners and architects a reliable swimming pool lining system for all conceivable shapes, design features and colours in the discerning leisure pool segment. The materials used meet all physiological requirements for the construction of water slides and aqua parks where creativity should know no bounds.

Thanks to its flexibility and predictable handling, AlphaLine is the system of choice when water features are to be given a new lease of life as part of a swimming pool renovation too. The AlphaLine system allows you to restore your slides and water channels to their former glory.

Peter Korthals PBR - Steuler Pool Linings

"A thoroughly professional service from the initial consultation to acceptance of the finished project. We and our client are extremely satisfied with the way deadlines were adhered to and the quality delivered. Architects like us need partners to turn our visions into reality. STEULER-KCH is one of the companies we call a partner. The team from the Westerwald ranks among the true professionals in the industry."

Peter Korthals
Business Unit Manager and General Manager
pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG

Build-up of the AlphaLine Lining System

  • Preparation of the bare concrete/modelling concrete/screed by abrasive blasting
  • Fillets and rounded edges make for a more pleasant sliding experience
  • Smooth surfaces thanks to treatment of the substrate with epoxy resin levelling compound
  • GRP laminate, consisting of several layers of glass fibre mat and a layer of glass fibre fleece
  • The pleasant-to-the-touch, matte surface finish is achieved by spray coating with basecoat and topcoat
  • Expansion joints are visually matched to the surface coating
  • Non-slip surfaces are easy to create and can be highlighted in colour if desired
  • Fittings are incorporated with detail precision

Highlights of the AlphaLine System

The AlphaLine System for pool linings and our experienced specialists afford you the flexibility to create out-of-the-ordinary swimming pools too.


  • Flexible lining system for pools and slides that can accommodate tricky geometries and corners
  • For projects where reliability, sustainability and leak resistance are paramount
  • Highly resistant to weathering, frost and UV radiation
  • Water impermeable and resistant to chlorinated and warm water
  • Pleasantly smooth, matte surface in the colour of your choice and completely devoid of orange peel effect
  • Scratch-proof lining with high abrasion resistance
  • Industry-proven over many years
  • Overall thickness approx. 4-5 mm
  • Easy to clean
  • Jointless surface
  • Wide range of colours

Products and services from a single source

Experience, analysis and concept development are key to successfully realising a project in a cost-effective and requirement-focused manner. Steuler Pool Linings provides you with all services under one roof:

  • Planning
  • Consultation
  • Structural analysis
  • Plumbing system design
  • On-site installation

You have a single point of contact for all matters relating to your building project. The benefit is more effective and efficient management of your swimming pool project. We're familiar with the details and have the experience and technical expertise required to offer a well-thought-out, reliable and practical solution for every situation.

We see ourselves as fully-fledged partners of our customers, and supervise swimming pool projects from start to finish – and even throughout their operating lifetime too, if desired.

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Kevin Kleinmann
Kevin Kleinmann
Project manager


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