RELIABLE. WATERPROOF. MODULAR.  Reliable swimming pool waterproofing systems have a name: STEULER-Q7-System.
From the preparation of the substrate to the final surface, the STEULER-Q7-System is characterised by a precisely matched sequence of layers and work steps that give leaks and other of types of damage no chance to develop in the first place. The STEULER-Q7-System offers customers, planners and architects a solid basis for all manner of forms and design concepts.
The epoxy resins used make it possible to build a monolithic surface that satisfies all the physiological requirements for swimming pool construction. Porcelain stoneware, ceramic and glass mosaic tiles as well as natural stone products can be reliably accommodated in any combination and form desired. The systematically co-ordinated size formats, mouldings and component parts as well as exciting colour schemes give free reign to the imagination in creating never-before-seen pool architecture. 
Thanks to its flexibility and predictable installation, the STEULER-Q7-System is the system of choice for comprehensive renovations where components need to be integrated into existing installations in order to restore the bath's contemporary appeal. 
Whether for a new facility or renovation project: The STEULER-Q7-Sytem remains watertight for good.
RELIABILITY BY DESIGN.  Every one of the perfectly matched layers fulfils a specific function. It is only when they are combined in this way that a system emerges which is more than the simple sum of its parts: the STEULER-Q7-System offers greater flexibility, enabling even the trickiest of shapes and detail elements to be reliably waterproofed. For faster project implementation with a totally reliable leak test. For greater peace of mind – reliability through design, from the ground up.
WATERTIGHT IN EVERY FORM.  Flexibility - Durability - Reliability. Our experience as one of the world's leading lining specialists means the materials' system is precisely tailored to the special requirements of swimming pool construction. An extremely tear-resistant, 2-mm-thick bromobutyl rubber sheet, which can be formed to every shape and pool geometry and provides reliable, system-compatible waterproofing of the entire surface area of the pools, poolside areas and fittings, plays a pivotal role in this. 
The STEULER-Q7-System is tested for impermeability in the pool and at the poolside areas before the final surface is laid. The electrically non-conductive rubber waterproof strip is subjected to a non-destructive leak test using a special high-voltage testing method in accordance with DIN 28055-2 that exploits the conductive properties of the priming filler layer. This reliably detects any imperfections or damage to the waterproofing layer, which can then be repaired in a system-compatible manner. This avoids having to test for leaks using the laborious and relatively uncertain method of filling the pool and thus results in significant time savings.