We build swimming pools.
For customers who have high expectations when it comes to design and reliability – whether for a hotel spa, private wellness temple, thermal baths or sports facility.
Our swimming pool waterproofing systems deliver what they promise.
And they're always individually designed exactly in accordance with our customers' wishes, visually appealing and watertight for years to come.
  • 900 pools
  • 300.000 m² water area
  • 23 countries
  • 50 fitter
  • 45 years of experience
STEULER-KCH POOL CONSTRUCTION - The culture of swimming pools.
This is what our pleased customers say:
“Thanks to STEULER-KCH’s experience, expertise and the many ideas they came up with,
we had a partner who was able to help us design our entire wellness area and consistently
master even the most challenging aspects of the project here on our island in the middle
of the Atlantic.”
Roland Bachmeier

Managing Director of the GALO Resort, Madeira
STEULER-KCH POOL CONSTRUCTION is a business of STEULER-KCH GmbH. Materials, know-how and service: STEULER-KCH is a leading full-service supplier of Industrial Linings, Equipment and Pool Construction. With our team of experienced industry professionals, we are known for our innovative developments, proven application technology, detailed consultancy, planning and engineering services. 
Our network of international subsidiaries and affiliates, comprising more than 750 fitters and supervisors, ensures that installation is performed within deadline. If required, this network can manage the turnkey implementation of your project from start to finish.
Whether your project involves the construction of a new plant or the professional renovation and optimisation, STEULER-KCH guarantees you the most technologically advanced materials and efficient project implementation – and has done so for over 100 years.