The attractiveness of any particular public baths is primarily down to the creativity of the architects. The more ambitious the swimming pool design, the more important it is to incorporate a reliable waterproofing system into the plans from the outset. It should not constrain the imaginativeness of the design and yet remain as watertight after years in service as on day one. By choosing STEULER-KCH, you have a partner with well-thought-out, reliable system solutions for your public baths which you can rely upon both now and for many years to come.
Because we use tried-and-tested materials, provide a fast and reliable on-site installation service and offer solutions that significantly reduce ongoing maintenance costs – especially for outdoor pools.
STEULER-KCH provides turnkey solutions to operators and planners who wish to reliably implement their innovative designs. A sure guarantee of the future attractiveness of the public baths.

"One thing was certain: we didn't want to take any risks with the renovation.
This time around, our swimming pool had to be permanently and reliably waterproofed by experts,
which is why STEULER-KCH was our first choice."

Gerry Schmit
Managing Director of Syndicat Intercommunal Bettemburg, Luxemburg